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We are a fee-only advisor (Registered Investment Advisory firm) 
and a team with more than half century of experience to manage
your investment accounts—

  • individuals—IRAs (including rollovers) and taxable accounts

  • institutions—401Ks, corporate pensions foundations
    and endowments

  • other non-affiliated financial advisors, including banks, 
    CPAs, attorneys and financial planners.


We would be honored to share the wisdom and success of
faith-based factor investing we call Strategic Moral Investing.

Our investment strategies are offered through personalized separate accounts and now, we also manage an institutional Index based on our Fidelis methodology. Please see for more information. 


Including our
  • Process
  • Strategies
  • FAQ
  • Fees
  • Report Sample
Significant asset 
allocation factors
Major equity
style factors 
(with 34 
Faith-based filtering processes
Unique strategic
moral investing
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