Caring about what you own

with faith- & science-based strategies & resources.

We are a fee-only advisor (Registered Investment Advisory firm) 
and a team with more than half century of experience to manage
your investment accounts—

  • individuals—IRAs (including rollovers) and taxable accounts

  • institutions—401Ks, corporate pensions foundations
    and endowments

  • other non-affiliated financial advisors, including banks, 
    CPAs, attorneys and financial planners.


We would be honored to share the wisdom and success of
faith-based factor investing we call Strategic Moral Investing.

The investment strategies are all offered through personalized separate accounts, models (on select custodial platforms) and our holdings, including quarterly updates, are a component of our Strategic Moral Investing Guide which is available for purchase. Contact us for more information.


Significant asset 
allocation factors
Major equity
style factors 
(with 34 
Faith-based filtering processes
Unique strategic
moral investing