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Fidelis Strategic Moral Investing

Wallick Investments believes management, based on a disciplined, well-researched, repeatable plan, adhered to over an investment cycle (usually around 5 years), can add significant value. Our experience and academic research has shown, the three most important components of portfolio management and overall performance include: 


Fidelis Investment Management Components


  • Asset allocation

  • Sector diversification & 

  • Security selection.


Wallick Investments believes all three components are essential for providing our client portfolios with multi-dimensional diversification.


How is Fidelis Investments Management strategic & moral?

• Strategic – we perform comprehensive due diligence on investment choices before placing them in our clients' portfolios. Our methodology is based on a non-emotional, disciplined, repeatable process. 

• Moral – we invest in companies that appear to be acting as a force for good and avoid companies with negative Inspire Social Impact scores. we also act as our clients' fiduciaries— i.e., in their best interest.

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