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Fidelis Strategic Moral Wealth Planning

Fidelis Strategic Moral Wealth Planning process considers an individual’s finances from a holistic lens, as a resource, a means to an end and tool for good.

We assist/accompany clients towards good stewardship by:

Navigating clients towards true peace and freedom through ongoing advice and education which encourages virtuous financial habits and decisions


• Building plans around traditional values, not attainment of worldly allurements

• Creating and maintaining lasting relationships that endure through the different stages of life


• Upholding professional standards via the CFP® process – 

accounting for each unique element of one’s financial picture


Fidelis Wealth Planning Components

WP Components image.jpg

How is Fidelis Wealth Planning strategic & moral?

• Strategic – we provide a professional & comprehensive analysis of our clients’ financial pictures and implement holistic recommendations.

• Moral – our recommendations and plans encourage and affirm a virtuous financial life

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