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Why Wallick Investments?

Our mission is to be a force for good in our relationships and to make the most of our clients' investments— giving them the time and confidence to pursue their missions. Our emphasis is on adding significant value, net-of-fees, greater than what our clients can earn investing in index funds, and by outperforming our industry peers. We are portfolio managers dedicated to integrity, professional excellence and consistent results.



We place our clients’ interests ahead of our own. As Christian money managers, everything we do is because we believe it is best for our clients. Potential conflicts of interest are avoided or fully disclosed.


Our fee schedule is fully disclosed and easy to understand.

We invest our personal and firm assets alongside our clients’ in our recommended portfolios.


The final step in our stringent security-selection process is to screen companies based on their moral and ethical practices.


We report performance relative to similarly allocated benchmarks to clearly show where we are adding value. 

Professional Excellence​​

We are career portfolio managers with more than 50 years combined experience. We have successfully navigated economic expansions and recessions, as well as bull and bear markets.


We are focused. Investing our clients’ money is our only business. 


We stay informed of the latest research concerning faith-based and quantitative factor based investing.


We accept fiduciary responsibility and uphold the Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA®) Institutes’ Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct. 


We regularly review our performance against our benchmarks and our peers. See our quarterly Portfolio Review & Commentary for details.

Consistent results

Since inception, each of our equity strategies has outperformed its respective benchmark, net-of-fees.


Our performance has been highly ranked against a universe of our peers: Morningstar®; Evestments: PSN; and Money Manager Review.

Contact us today for free review of your statements.

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