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Faith-based screening is our comprehensive resource for faith-based screening.

Companies without a negative
 Inspire Impact Score move onto our second evaluation:
 factor-based screening.


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Factor-based investing

—a quantitative, disciplined process for selecting stocks for inclusion in a portfolio based on pre-defined factors or characteristics that have shown evidence of adding excess risk-adjusted return.

1. Potential excess returns
Close to 3% average annualized excess return over market-cap weighted indices from 2002–2022 (see chart right).


2. Potential improved consistency
Outperformance near 80% of calendar years

(see bottom chart right).


3. Research lauding the benefits of multi-factor based investments is  available at

2002 to 2016 return data based on FTSE Russell Methodology document. 2017 to 2022 return data based on Morningstar FTSE Russell indices. Information is believed to be reliable but is not guaranteed.  

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Why Factors 2 to 2022.jpg
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