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SMI Process

SMI Resources

As investment professionals desiring to be good stewards, all actively managed Wallick Investments, LLC portfolios are built and managed according to our proprietary SMI formulas. Factor inputs can be found in our Investment Management Overview and in our
Strategic Moral Investing Guide.

Since June of 2013, utilizing the stock filtering 
Biblically Responsible Institute database, and more recently, Inspire Investing and IWP Capital, Wallick Investments continues to avoid investing in companies that purposely and significantly profit from: 
abortioncontraceptionpredatory lending
bio-engineering, activities susceptible to addiction such as alcoholtobacco and gambling and companies
that significantly promote activities in opposition to 
traditional family values, such as pornography.

Strategic Moral Investing means seeking out companies that demonstrate a commitment to the Christian investing principles of subsidiarity, solidarity and religious liberty.
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