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Strategic Moral Investing
Wallick Investments believes God's great love for us should move us to an intentional response of faith that permeates every aspect of our lives. Our response, Strategic Moral Investing (SMI), is a disciplined, faith- and factor-based investment process designed without indifference to investment science or Christian morals.

Consumer vs. owner


Is it hypocrisy to utilize a streaming service for family movie night, yet exclude that company from an investment portfolio? 


The answer is rooted in the biblical principle of being in the world but not of it.


As consumers, we are morally responsible for the products and services we buy and how we use them—
i.e., the kind of movies we stream.
However, investors (owners) are morally responsible for the profits they are earning and how they are earned— i.e., profiting from pornography on a streaming service.

This is the example Jesus left us with His life, to associate with the world but avoid participating with it’s sin.

Our firm seeks a pool of companies endeavoring to be a force for good. is our faith-based filtering database resource

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